52 Stories: #9 No dead spot in multi cultural Oberschöneweide

6 years ago N. moved with her daughter from Bavaria to Berlin.They knew no one here. Her great luck was that she came to Berlin because of her work and was therefore able to quickly build up a social network. Another luck is that she can work and live in the same neighbourhood and as a single mother, this is a great advantage. In the beginning she didn't like being in Schöneweide so much. "The reputation of Schöneweide was confirmed at first, ... but I notice that it is becoming more multicultural. It's simply becoming more beautiful, and I have learned to love it for that reason. I don't want to leave here in the near future. You can already see that something has changed here, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. I believe that there are still fears of contact between the old-established and the newcomers, you also notice that many worlds meet here, ... but there is also a lot happening here.


And in terms of leisure, what happens? "I like to go to the Kranbar in Oberschöneweide for coffee. By the way, they have the best coffee in Schönweide there." "My boyfriend has a dog and we often go to the Wuhlheide or just to the Funkhaus. The Funkhaus was a place for radio and television and now artists have their studios there, there are also many concerts. But the outside area at the water is very nice. You can also "jump into the water" there.


Good to know:
N. wanted her story to be written anonymously. Even though my story belongs to me and is my experience, there are many people who share a similar experience and find themselves in a story. A name is not important that we can share our stories with each other. Thanks again to N. for sharing her story with us

About the author

Nergis, Publizistin und Kommunikationswissenschaftlerin aus Wien, ist seit 2020 die neue Kollegin im Willkommensbüro InteraXion und unterstützt darüber RawafedZusammenfluss. Sie sucht nach euren Geschichten - 52 Kurzportraits sollen es insgesamt werden. Schreibt ihr: n.ceylan@offensiv91.de

Nergis, expert in communications from Vienna, is the new colleague in the welcome office InteraXion and supports RawafedZusammenfluss. She is looking for your stories - 52 short portraits in total. Write to her: n.ceylan@offensiv91.de


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