The Story of Feyza

Today we are taking you to Istanbul to meet someone. Sharing her story is important to us because she can inspire people.

RawafedZusammenfluss: Who's Feyza?

Feyza: I was born in 1998. When I was five-months-old, doctors diagnosed that I had a tumor on my right eye; afterward, the treatment started. With the surgery, I got rid of the tumor. But I lost my right eye and it caused an asymmetric shape on my face. On the other hand, I had another chance to live.     

RZ: Do you think people make you feel different?

F: Yes, but I don’t care about this. I can continue to live my life as I want.

RZ: Have you ever realized you were special when you were a kid?

F: I remember those days. When I got out of the house, people were looking at me, some of them were scared by me (these things are still happening), and my mother was warning people. One day, I told my mother, “I don't want to go out again, because you're mad at people.” I didn't understand why people were looking at me and why my mother was angry. As time went by, I started to understand why I was exposed by those looks; because I was special and that is what was my mother tried to prevent me from feeling unusual.       

RZ: The school was your first place to be away from your house and started socializing with others. How did you take that?  

F: When I started school, it terrified me.  I was crying all the time, but it took a short time and then I got used to it. I received all my education in ordinary schools. At first, it was tough for me to contact others but I was a friendly person and now I still have connections with my old friends.    

RZ: Did you receive any support in this process?

F: No, I did not receive any support from an expert, but from my family. In those processes of my life, I realized that if I wanted to, I could overcome all obstacles.     

RZ: Did the course of your events you went through made you a mature person from early?

F: I had two options; the first one was to give up, it means, I would not be a step further from where I was. The second was to accept what happened and rise; continue to believe that a good experience can occur in my life. I chose the latter, and I've realized I matured too much.     

RZ: Do you have a specific goal now?

F: I admit that goals are routes that make life meaningful. I have many goals, although not all of them are huge ones. My department at university is physiotherapy and rehabilitation. I want to pursue an academic career in my field and help people as a successful physiotherapist. There are also places I want to visit, books I want to read.

RZ: Do you think your conditions are enough to achieve your goals?

F: In my country, the government provides some rights to people with disabilities, making their lives easier. Like free transportation within the city and visiting museums for free. Thanks to these opportunities, I can socialize a little more. When we go to hospitals, we have priority, which I think is a great convenience. Also, they provide help to us for our disability in our exams, giving extra time, etc.     

RZ: What are your sources of motivation? 

F: Being positive and believing in myself. I taught myself; you just lost one eye, you can handle it. I love the joy of success, also motivate myself with small prizes; we should not forget the effect of a piece of chocolate and coffee.       

RZ: Can you describe Feyza in one word? 

F: I would say ‘original’. 

 The illustration by Guy.

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This interview is part of the series "Talking to Powerful Women", initiated by Rumeysa Yalazan.



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Rumeysa is currently doing her BA in Sociology at Abant Izzet Baysal University. For her studies she came to Berlin to support RawafedZusammenfluss by collecting stories of powerful women. You are or know a powerful woman that should be portrayed? Tell her via



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