52 Stories #22: Schlossinsel Köpenick

"My favourite place will always be the Schlosspark in Köpenick because it is so beautiful and peaceful. I like to visit the park with my dog. Then I get a historical feeling, like I'm lying under the time-honoured tree like Frederick the Great." (Guy aus Köpenick)

"My favourite place in Treptow-Köpenick is my Köpenick. I like Köpenick because there is a lot of green here. I especially like the castle island. I often take my walks along the castle and the Dahme. In spring, when the trees are in blossom, it's a magical picture." (Hasmik aus Köpenick)

"I try to visit my favourite place, Köpenick Palace, every chance I get. I have been living in Treptow-Köpenick for four years now. People are less hectic and stressed here than elsewhere in Berlin. I also find the N.S. Documentation Centre interesting, because I'm very interested in German history. (Ismail aus Treptow)

"My favourite place is the castle island, especially in spring when all the rhododendrons are in bloom. In summer you can go for a walk there, family and friends meet on the lawn. There is good sushi around the corner, which I like to enjoy with a view of the Dahme. There are also jazz concerts in the summer evenings. It's a great place." (Andrea aus Müggelheim)

"My favourite places are Köpenick Castle and Forum Köpenick. But little by little I want to get to know the other places in my neighbourhood and beyond." (Zeina aus Köpenick)

We have collected these quotes for the Advent Calendar 2021.

Photo: Tamerlan Bibulatov

About the author

Katha koordiniert InteraXion, Willkommensbüro und Wohnraumberatung für Menschen mit Migrations- und Fluchterfahrung in Treptow-Köpenick. Sie begleitet RawafedZusammenfluss von hauptamtlicher Seite. Journalistische Erfahrung konnte sie durch verschiedene Projekte der Jugendpresse und dem Studierendenmagazin UnAufgefordert sammeln. Wenn sie nicht nach neuen Geschichten sucht, tummelt sie sich in Boulderhallen.

Katha coordinates InteraXion, the welcome office for migrants* and refugees in Treptow-Köpenick and accompanies RawafedZusammenfluss through her work. She gained journalistic experience through various youth press projects and the student magazine UnAufgefordert. When she is not looking for new stories, she spends her time in bouldering halls.



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